Minor Construction Projects

Minor facilities include boat docks, piers, boathouses, fences, steps, shoreline-based shelters and others.

Project Plan and Drawing

The project plan and drawing must accompany the application. It should:

  • Be prepared on paper suitable for reproduction (8-1/2 by 11 inches)
  • Identify the kind of structure and its purpose or intended use
  • Show the principal dimensions, size, and location in relation to the shoreline and adjacent property boundaries
  • Show the height of the structure above the water
  • Show both the plan view (the project as viewed from above) and the elevation view (the project as viewed from the side)
  • Indicate the river or reservoir name, river mile, locator landmarks and direction of water flow, if known.

Types of Projects and Sample Drawings

Boat slips



Community Dock



Special Construction Standards

Some TVA-managed tributary rivers have special construction standards that apply only to them. Find information at these links:

Clinch River

French Broad and Holston Rivers

Hiwassee River

Tellico River

NOTE: Site-specific conditions may impact the review and approval of your application. Application does not guarantee approval. Contact your local TVA Regional Watershed Office for more information and clarification.