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Regional Resource Stewardship Council

TVA manages the Tennessee River system and its associated lands to provide multiple benefits for all the people of the TVA region. That’s why it has formed the Regional Resource Stewardship Council (Council), through which the citizens of the region can participate in the important decisions TVA makes regarding the management of the river and its ecosystem.

The Council was first convened in March 2000, and its charter was renewed for an eighth term in winter 2014. Since its inception, the Council has provided recommendations and advice to TVA on the agency’s stewardship activities, including reservoir operations, public-land planning and management, water supply, recreation, infrastructure operation and maintenance, and emergency preparedness. It has also provided comments on TVA’s public participation efforts.

Council members

The members of the Council represent public and private stakeholders who benefit from TVA’s management of the river system and public lands. Members are nominated by the governors of the seven states in the TVA power service area, the distributors of TVA power, TVA’s directly served customers and other stakeholders. Meet the Council members here.

Meeting reports

All the documents related to Council meetings are a matter of public record. Check here for meeting documents such as agendas, transcripts, and recommendations made by the Council to TVA.

Federal guidelines

The meetings of the Council, which was established under the guidelines of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, are open to the public, and the proceedings are published on this website.


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