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Undeveloped Lands Recreation Map

This map is intended as a guide only, and its content is subject to change without notice.  The map is intended to reflect the approximate boundaries of the TVA property generally available for the use of dispersed/informal recreation on undeveloped lands; it should not be interpreted as representing legal property boundaries. 

The lands depicted are generally open to the public; however, public use restrictions may apply due to public safety or to protect threatened and endangered species or unique natural features, and lands may be temporarily closed due to specific management activities. 

TVA has made a reasonable effort to assure the accuracy of the map; nevertheless, some information contained therein may not be accurate.  TVA does not warrant or make any representations as to the accuracy of the content of the map, and TVA is not liable for any improper or incorrect use of this map or for any direct or indirect damages suffered related to the use of this map.  It is every user’s responsibility to know the land ownership of and regulations pertaining to the area which he or she intends to use for recreational purposes.

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