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Recreation - Request for Proposals

Applicants interested in operating one of six campgrounds under a concessionaire operating agreement should submit unique proposals for each facility by November 10, 2014.

Public open house meeting schedule

Selection Criteria

TVA’s objective is to obtain the most qualified concessionaire to provide quality recreation services at the facilities. TVA will judge proposals on various evaluation criteria, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Experience and qualifications in developing, operating, and managing campgrounds, other commercial recreation or associated facilities.
  • Capability to perform required services and meet minimum operation and maintenance standards.
  • Type and quality of service proposed.
  • Professional qualifications of applicant and staff assigned to the project.
  • Completeness and clarity of the submitted proposal.
  • Proposed plans and development schedule for facility improvements and enhancements.

TVA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any technical defects in the proposals. TVA will not be obligated to pay any costs incurred by applicants in the preparation of proposals. Proposals that include any false information or misrepresentation will be rejected. Plans and materials submitted with proposals will not be returned unless specifically requested by the applicant.

Minimum Criteria

  • Three (3) years of business operation experience; operation and development of a commercial recreation facility is preferred
  • Net worth $1.0 million preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to meet financial requirements for operation
  • No prior liens, suits, judgments, or bankruptcies

Prospectus for the Operation and Maintenance of Six Campgrounds on TVA Dam Reservations

How to Apply


  • All applicants are advised to read this prospectus carefully and discuss any questions with TVA by calling Russell Smith at (865) 632-2436 or by sending an email to
  • TVA cannot ensure a profitable operation to the successful applicant. Each applicant is encouraged to make his/her own economic appraisal of the opportunity offered by this prospectus.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to make his/her own assessments of the operational needs in considering a proposal. TVA makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, about the information contained in this prospectus.
  • An individual from the firm, corporation, business, partnership, or sole proprietorship can request an onsite inspection of the facility and tour of the area led by a TVA representative before responding with a proposal. Please call Russell Smith at 865-632-2436 or send an email to to schedule an appointment.
  • Applicants may wish to designate those portions of their proposals (such as personal financial statements or proprietary data) which they consider personal or confidential. TVA will independently determine whether such material may be exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • The provisions and conditions of this invitation and prospectus may be changed or supplemented by TVA in writing.

Questions should be sent to:

Russell D. Smith
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 West Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902-1401
(865) 632-2436

TVA’s Environmental Information Center

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