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July 28-August 1, 2014

Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

Honeycomb Creek – Honeycomb public ramp upstream of US 431, Holiday Shores Subdivision, Pine Shores Subdivision, Shady Acres Subdivision, Long Jagger Branch Subdivision, extreme northern portion of Honeycomb Park Subdivision

Brown’s Creek – Guntersville Municipal Park from John Stewart Ramp to Rotary Cabin to Kiwanis Pier

Polecat Hollow – Rayford Tucker public ramp, extreme eastern portion of Hideaway Acres and Morrow Acres Subdivisions

Town Creek (Marshall County) – Guntersville State Park (main) and cabins

Columbus City area - Seibold Campground & Marina, Ossa-Win-Tha Resort, Camp 30 Subdivision, Camp Ney-A-Ti Subdivision

Mill Creek area – Subdivision between Henry Miller Subdivision and AL Hwy 79 causeway, Pine Island Subdivision

Waterfront Grocery area – Waterfront public ramp, portions of Pine Island Point Subdivision, Preston Island Subdivision

Boshart Creek – Adeline’s on the Lake pier, Holiday Shores Subdivision

South Sauty area – South Sauty Point Subdivision (riverside)

Mink Creek area – J. W Goodwin Subdivision (riverside), portions of Skyline Shores Subdivision, portion of Mink Creek Subdivision (downstream of Hwy 79 causeway)

Roseberry Creek – Scottsboro City Park

B. B. Comer Bridge area – B. B. Comer public ramp, Section Bluff Subdivision, Sam Gant Subdivision, Driftwood Shores Subdivision



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