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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

TVA aims to be one of the nation's leading providers of low-cost, cleaner energy by 2020. In line with that vision, TVA is significantly increasing its use of renewable and clean-energy generation sources to improve regional air quality.

TVA defines renewable energy as generation that is sustainable and is generally replenished naturally. In 2010, TVA produced renewable energy from conventional hydro, wind, solar, methane and biomass co-firing sources. The agency also purchases renewable energy for distribution to its customers and conducts research into clean and renewable sources.

Renewable Energy Programs at TVA

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Green Power Switch

Allows consumers to support the production of renewable energy by buying “blocks” of energy produced by solar, wind and methane recovery sources.

Renewable Standard Offer

Promotes the development of larger-size renewable systems between 50 kilowatts and 20 megawatts in the TVA service area. Eligible systems include solar, wind, biomass (direct combustion or gasification) and methane recovery.

Solar Solutions Initiative

Solar Solutions Initiative is a pilot incentive for solar projects within the Renewable Standard Offer program in the Valley (>50 kW up to 1 MW DC) that use local, NABCEP-certified installers.

Green Power Providers

Encourages homes and businesses to produce renewable energy by providing technical support and incentives. The sources may be solar, wind, biomass or small-scale hydropower. The program is for systems with a generating capacity between 500 watts and 50 kilowatts.

Dispersed Power Production Program

Facilities that make small amounts of power (typically less than 80 megawatts) may qualify to connect to TVA power lines. Once connected, a qualifying facility can use its power for itself and sell any extra to TVA at TVA's avoided costs, or it can sell all of its power to TVA at TVA's avoided costs.

Wind Energy Contracts

Besides producing wind energy at its Buffalo Mountain site, TVA buys renewable energy from various midwestern wind farms. Read about TVA's wind purchases.


TVA is a leader in clean and renewable energy research. Read about projects that address such issues as cost and sustainability in the areas of solar, wind, biomass, and other technologies.


Hydroelectric power is the nation’s most reliable, efficient and economical renewable power source. TVA’s hydropower facilities include 29 conventional hydro plants and one pumped-storage plant.





Renewable energy resources




Methane co-firing

Landfill gas

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