tva logoTennessee Valley Authority


Transmission Line Projects

Find out about current upgrades to the TVA transmisison system, including information on public meetings and opportunities to comment

Renewable Standard Offer

Developers of small- to mid-size renewable projects in the TVA service area can now participate in TVA's Renewable Standard Offer.

Power Services

TVA has more than 70 years’ experience in servicing power plants and large industries, and you can put that expertise to work for you.

Total Monthly Fuel Cost

Get an overview about the mechanism TVA uses to help recover fluctuating fuel and purchased power costs, including the current Fuel Cost Adjustment amount.

Right-of-Way Maintenance

In order to provide reliable power to its customers, TVA must service and repair its 15,900 miles of transmission lines across the TVA region.

Antenna Collocation

TVA transmission towers and other structures offer many possibilities for locating telecommunications antennas throughout the region. Get information here.

Technology Innovation

Pushing toward breakthroughs in the ways we generate power and protect the environment


Green Power Switch

Public participation is an important element of this program that generates power from renewable sources.

Green Power Providers

This TVA program provides support for small-scale green power generation by homeowners and small businesses.

EnergyRight® Solutions

In the coming months, TVA will be working with local power distributors, the environmental community, and other stakeholders in the TVA region to develop new energy efficiency products and services for consumers, business and industry.


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