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TVA Response to Environmental Integrity Project Report

Nov. 7, 2013

TVA takes our commitment seriously to safety, health and the environment.

All wastewater at TVA power generating facilities is treated, processed or managed according to nationally accepted practices and complies with state and federal water quality requirements. Even rain water is processed.

Water discharge permits for TVA’s power generating facilities set limits designed to protect people, livestock, wildlife, plants and the aquatic habitat of receiving streams or reservoirs. Compliance is TVA’s top priority.

TVA regularly monitors water quality to assure compliance both at plant discharge outflows and downstream, testing such things as water temperature, water clarity, pH, suspended solids, inorganic substances and metals.

For more than 75 years, the rivers and reservoirs managed by the TVA have provided a clean, quality source of drinking water for people of the Tennessee Valley. TVA’s long-term Reservoir and River Health Monitoring program continues to demonstrate the water is clean and healthy.

As part of TVA’s commitment to a cleaner environment, TVA is retiring older, less-efficient fossil plants and converting wet ash storage to dry ash storage.

Media Contact

Duncan Mansfield, 865-632-4660
TVA Public Relations, Knoxville, 865-632-6000



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