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TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 1 Off-line for Scheduled Refueling Outage

September 10, 2012

TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 1 was taken off-line just after midnight on Monday, September 10, for a planned refueling and maintenance outage.  During the shutdown, all systems performed safely as designed. 

Over the coming days, plant personnel will be replacing spent nuclear fuel assemblies, as well as performing maintenance, system upgrades, and testing and inspections that can only be done when the reactor is off-line.

As part of the normal plant shutdown and eventual return to service, non-radioactive, high pressure steam may be vented to the atmosphere at various times.  This can create loud noises that may be heard by local residents.  The steam poses no hazard to the public and we apologize for any disruptions caused by the increased noise levels.

During its most recent 18-month operational cycle, Watts Bar Unit 1 produced more than 11 billion kilowatt/hours of electricity -- enough to supply the annual needs of 750,000 average households -- without the creation of any greenhouse gases or other air pollution. 

During the 18-month period, Unit 1 operations had a payroll in excess of $130 million and employed approximately 1,000 permanent workers.  During the refueling outage, up to 1,000 additional workers are employed, providing a significant boost to the local economy.  In addition, TVA contributed nearly $10 million in “in-lieu of tax” and direct impact payments to the State of Tennessee and local communities in the 2012 fiscal year for operations at the Watts Bar facility. 

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