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TVA Environmental Projects

In April 2011, the TVA board approved clean air agreements with the Environmental Protection Agency, four states and three environmental groups that support TVA’s vision for low-cost and cleaner energy. As part of the agreements, TVA identified additional environmental projects that support cleaner air across the region. TVA chose projects to align with its vision for a cleaner energy future.

TVA is obligated to spend no less than $290 million on environmental mitigation projects to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Agreement. These expenditures must occur within five years of EPA’s approval of the project proposals submitted by TVA. TVA will also provide $60 million to the states of Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee for state environmental mitigation projects.

Environmental Projects will be implemented over 5 years from the date of their approval.  Read more about the overall TVA EPA Environmental Projects.

For more information about specific projects, click on the link below associated with the project you want to know more about.



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