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TVA Fact Book

TVA helps make the Tennessee Valley region a better place to live through its work in energy, environment, economic development.


As the nation’s largest public power provider, TVA delivers reliable and competitively priced electric power that gives businesses and families in the region more opportunity to prosper.

image of service areaCustomers

  • {local} local power distributors
  • {large} large industrial customers
  • {federal} federal installations
  • Service to more than {people} million people in {counties} counties in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

Generation Assets

  • {fossil} fossil plants ({fossilunits} active units, {fossil_idle} idle)
  • {nuclear} nuclear plants ({nukeunits} units)
  • {hydro} hydro plants ({hydrounits} units)
  • {pumped} pumped-storage plant ({pumpunits} units)
  • {turnbine} combustion-turbine sites ({turnbineunits} units)
  • {combcycle} combined-cycle sites ({combunits} units)
  • {diesel} diesel-generator sites ({dieselunits} units)
  • {solar} solar energy sites
  • {wind} wind-energy site
  • {digestor} digestor-gas site
  • {biomass} biomass-cofiring site

Generation Output

  • {kilowatts} thousand kilowatts (net summer capability) capacity
  • {billionkw} billion kilowatt-hours of electricity sold to communities and businesses across the TVA region.

Fuel Used

  • {coal} million tons of coal
  • {naturalgas} billion cubic feet of natural gas
  • {water} trillion cubic feet of water through Chickamauga hydroelectric plant just north of Chattanooga, TN.


  • Nearly {miles} miles of transmission lines (enough to span the continent six times)
  • {towers} steel, wood and concrete towers
  • {interconnections} interconnections with {neighbors} neighboring electric systems
  • {reliability} percent reliability for {consecutive} consecutive years


By continually working to improve its environmental performance and taking a leadership role in clean-energy development, TVA helps safeguard our natural resources for future generations.

  • {dams} dams ({gendams} generate electricity)
  • {shoreline} miles of shoreline
  • {wateracres} surface acres of water
  • {landacres} acres of land
  • More than {achaeology} archaeological sites
  • ${investmnet} billion invested in equipment to reduce emissions

Economic Development

TVA helps strengthen the Tennessee Valley region’s economy by building business and community partnerships that bring jobs to the region and keep them here. TVA’s reliable, competitively priced power makes the region an attractive place to start or expand a business.

  • Helped attract or retain more than {jobs} jobs
  • Leveraged more than ${capital} billion in capital investment


December 2012

Corporate Information

  • Corporate agency of the United States of America
  • Founded in 1933
  • Receives no appropriated tax dollars
  • {emplouyees} employees
  • Operating revenues from sales of electricity ${operating} billion
  • Paid nearly ${taxes} million in tax equivalent payments

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